Amptec acstx

Home theatres and residential spaces

Typical modern living spaces reaps noticeable benefits from an acoustic overhaul, rendering the rooms much more agreeable for inhabitants and visitors alike. Living rooms, kitchens, and home offices are all obvious candidates for improvement, while your home movie theatre can be the focus of a more involved makeover.

Taming unruly reflections and reducing reverb times benefits clarity of dialogue in your home cinema, while diffusion can widen viewers' listening sweet spot. Moreover, applying bass traps to control room modes will make those impactful low-end moments in a movie stand out without muddying the overall sound.

In a home context, aesthetics matter a lot. Artnovion's Cinema series hides all acoustic treatment from sight, allowing for an appealing, uniform look to your room.

So, whether you are looking for an acoustic upgrade or for a complete solution including speakers, Amptec acstx clearly ups the ante for your movie and music enjoyment.

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