Amptec acstx

Theatres and live venues

For an audience to fully appreciate and enjoy any kind of performance, the venue's acoustic qualities need to be up to the job. What that means exactly depends on the primary use of the space at hand: performing classical music dictates different sonics than banging out electronic beats or delivering speeches, while polyvalent rooms need to compromise between these differing scenarios. The room's use case is always the prime concern for Amptec's acoustic experts while designing a treatment plan.

Things like uncontrolled reflections and flutter echoes tend to wreak havoc with the overall definition of sound and with speech intelligibility in particular. Our team makes targeted use of absorption (broadband and mid band) and diffusion to address these issues, striving for C50 and C80 target values for music venues and excellent STI values for speech-oriented applications.

Amptec is your one-stop shop for an integrated solution comprising acoustic design, speaker systems, amplifiers, and mixing consoles.

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