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DPA 4055 Launch


The word is out ! DPA unveiled their first dedicated kick drum microphone. Besides being a great performer, the 4055 comes with an extended 5y warranty.
Here are a 8 reasons why we think the DPA 4055 is a big deal :
  1. The kick drum is one of the most important instruments in modern music.
  2. Current offerings in the market are heavily pre-EQ’ed, leaving engineers with a sonic signature they might not prefer, and forcing drummers to tune their instrument to ‘work’ with microphone X or Y. 
  3. As part of a bigger drum kit, spill between different drum mics is real, and DPA’s signature off-axis response improves the overall balance significantly.  No pre-tailored sound.
  4. Asymmetric design for easy placement inside or outside the drum. Comes with a user friendly holder for securing the position without risking shifts during use.
  5. Tuning the proximity effect not only allows to create a good amount of low-end ‘thump’, but in reverse it minimizes spill and feedback into nearby monitors and subwoofers. 
  6. Being a condenser mic, it is fast and produces a tight and clean sound even at very high SPL (max SPL is 164 dB).Dynamic microphones react slower to an impulse and show a slowed down decay due to their diaphragm’s inertia. 
  7. The 4055 works equally well on other high energy instruments like bass and guitar amplifier, brass instruments, toms, or whatever instrument you might like. 
  8. Condenser mics show a higher level of detail and a wider frequency range offering more options for shaping your perfect sound.
The DPA 4055 picks up the true, clear sound of the instrument, favoring engineers and musicians that want to explore the real depths of what you can achieve with your kick drum, even in dense mixes, in challenging acoustic situations. 

DPA 4055
Do you think the DPA 4055 might be the missing piece in your mic chain ? On June 14th, Amptec organises a workshop with DPA product specialist Bo Brinck. Join us at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven to get more insightful information and hear for yourself.
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